It is located in the middle of the Lidi Comacchiesi, it is known for its old port and its beach is also known at the time of the Este Family, Lords of Ferrara. Its promenade looks like an old fishermen town, yet. From here the motor-boats leave for the Delta of Po’ visits and for the deep-sea  fishing for mackerel.There are a lot of famous restaurants along the port where you can eat special food and fish. Portogaribaldi is linked to Lido degli Estensi  throught a comfort ferry.

If you are searching a place to live all year round ,Portogaribaldi is the most suitable lido of all. In fact all the commercial activities like fishing, make this lido not only an holiday resort but also a real town with all comforts. Here “Tomasi Case” has ready villas and apartments like “Complex Soleado”, wide apartments into terraced houses, fully furnished and with an heating system, the same as “Complex Ornella”, where the prices are very interesting!